What We Believe

The New Life Center is affiliated with the Assemblies of God, one of the fastest growing Christian fellowships in the world. We adhere to these Biblically based doctrines of the fellowship which are known as the 16 Fundamental Truths.


  1. The Bible is true [view the verse]
  2. One God of Father, Son, & Holy Spirit [view the verse]
  3. Jesus is both God & Man who fully understands and loves us [view the verse]
  4. Humanity is given a free will [view the verse]
  5. Everyone can have a second chance by following Jesus [view the verse]
  6. 2 Practices: water baptism & communion [view the verse]
  7. The Holy Spirit is our comforter [view the verse]
  8. The Holy Spirit does not delay in being our voice and strength [view the verse]
  9. Being a Christian is about the journey & the destination [view the verse]
  10. The Church is a movement that includes men & women, young & old; to reach the lost [view the verse]
  11. Leadership serves God and others thru love & compassion [view the verse]
  12. Miracles are for everyone, anywhere [view the verse]
  13. In the end Jesus will come back to rescue us [view the verse]
  14. In that time Jesus will establish love & peace [view the verse]
  15. God has the final say on what happens to us in light of eternity [view the verse]
  16. Creation will finally be restored here & above [view the verse]

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Mission and Vision


Our mission is to reach the one far from God and see them experience new life through a relationship with Jesus!


Our vision is to see those who have experienced new life become more passionate followers of Jesus. More passionate for God, His church, people and prayer!

Core Values

Our hope for meaningful fellowship, deep connection, and enduring
relationship can best be portrayed in the model of family. We seek to uplift and
strengthen the family relationships represented in our church, while embracing and nurturing each individual who comes our way.

We believe that God is more concerned with our direction than our perfection
as followers of Jesus. As we pursue a life of godliness and love, we are committed to walking the path of discipleship together. Both personally and communally, we desire to see increasing Christ-likeness in every area of our lives, including the spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, and physical.

We celebrate joyful and extravagant giving of our resources, finances,
energy, time, & giftings for the sake of glorifying God, serving the church, loving our community, and blessing world missions.

We prioritize spiritual disciplines as a means of deepening our connection to
God and learning to recognize and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit. Examples of these disciplines include private & corporate prayer, worship, and Scripture study.

We are devoted to loving our neighbors at every level- local, national, and
global. We believe we’re invited by God to partner with Him in the work He is
accomplishing in our own community and throughout the world.

We strive to be intentional and creative in how we honor God and His image in
one another. Our desire is to uphold a regular rhythm of faithfully encouraging each other upwards toward fulfilling our unique and corporate callings.

The thread that runs through all of our efforts, hopes, and intentions is love.
Learning to love God and love others completely and radically is our deepest desire and highest calling.